The best address book importer for macOS.

Abee import window

1. Pick an import file

Pick and import file

2. Map the fields

Map the fields

3. Click Import

Click Import
Fields and labels

Import hundreds of contacts.

All fields and labels from macOS Contacts are supported, including repeatable fields.

Import to a group of your choice or map a group field from the import file.

Include or skip the first record. You can even control the exact range to import.

Browse the records to verify the mapping before performing the import.

Compare and merge

So fast, try not to blink.

Import just the fields you mapped, exactly as you requested, including dates.

Visually compare existing contacts and decide whether to merge them.

Save and reuse your mapping for an even faster experience.


Helping you since 2003.

Now supporting light and dark modes.

With built-in presets for Google and Outlook.

No tracking, no data collection, no funny business. It's your contacts.

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The free trial lets you import up to 20 contacts for free, any number of times.

A full license lets you import hundreds of contacts in seconds.